A bit about me

I've been practising as a psychologist in Sydney for over a decade now and have worked with kids and adults from all walks of life seeking solutions to all kinds of different problems.

But nowadays, I only see clients struggling with fear and anxiety-related issues – just like you – day in, day out.

When I’m not with clients, I spend my time thinking, reading and talking about this topic. You could say I'm a little bit anxiety-obsessed.

One of the reasons I love helping clients overcome their struggles with fear and anxiety is because it usually has such an immediate and profound impact on their quality-of-life.

Over the years, I've fine-tuned the processes I use to help clients achieve their goals as quickly as possible, based on my in-depth knowledge and skills in this specific area of psychology.

I'm also the director of The Cynophobia Clinic, Australia's only specialist clinic for the treatment of a phobia of dogs, and the co-creator of ACT Companion: The Happiness Trap App, with acclaimed best-selling author Dr Russ Harris.

My no-bull approach

Mental health is serious stuff.  You're not anxious because your 'energy lines' are blocked; you almost certainly don't have a neurochemical 'imbalance'; no amount of 'positive thinking' is going to fix your panic disorder.

I believe that only those with sufficient training in evidence-based therapy and adequate regulatory oversight should be treating mental health conditions.

I reject the view that normal emotions like fear and anxiety are pathological and need to be 'treated' with remedies, techniques, or lifestyle changes.

Of course, there can be value in removing unnecessary sources of distress, but the research clearly shows that, more often than not, attempts to control your emotions do more harm than good and can end up causing more serious problems down the line.

My approach to fear and anxiety is based on scientifically proven principles of learning and behaviour found in approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy, which have hundreds of high-quality peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrating their effectiveness.

Boring (but important) stuff

Academic qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology), University of Sydney
  • Graduate Diploma of Science (Psychology), University of Sydney
  • Diploma of Psychological Practice, College of Professional Psychology

Professional accreditation:

  • Member, Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)
  • Registered psychologist, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
  • Registered provider, Medicare & WorkCover NSW
  • Board-approved supervisor, Psychology Board of Australia
  • Member, Association for Contextual Behavioral Science

(02) 9138 0620 • • 918/185 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000

(02) 9138 0620
918/185 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000